LAFOU DE BATEA has a deep cherry color with a deep, shiny robe. Its aromas begin with sweet notes of dried fruit (raw hazelnuts, dried tomato) and quickly open up to notes of red fruit, driven by balsamic background reminiscent of Kermes oak and undergrowth. It is combination of great freshness, developing notes of black berry, prune and olive, giving it solemn foundation of great depth. In the mouth it corresponds to the forecasts of freshness it proposes in the nose. It finds much vivacity at the initial impact, with good acidity that adequately draws the heart of the wine and gives a balance of freshness and sweetness characteristic of red Grenache. It has a long finish with a very fine bitterness that gives a feeling of drak chocolate which melts with mineral notes of wet stone.


LAFOU ELS AMELERS Pale yellow colour with straw tones, bright. On nose, its citric notes (grapefruit, lemon pip) surrounded by white flower (jasmine) appeal. Slowly sweet fruit aroma (apricot) appear against a nutty background (green almonds) and flint, which give the sensation of volume and complexity in a wine predominated by its initial freshness that is maintained over time. The flow in mouth combines the great varietal structure with an acidity that tenses the whole, highlighting the lively character and extending the citric and floral perception, around which the strength of the Grenache Blanc unfolds. Generous and refined, it maintains an elegant, powerful balance, echoing the Terra Alta region.


LAFOU has a deep red colour with ruby luminosity. It awakens with a wide range of aromas, with equal sensations of volume, maturity and freshness. It is in this freshness that notes of black berry and light balsamic emerge, on a bed of Kermes oak, dried flowers that form a fragrant environment of great volume and personality that resonates with Terra Alta.
In the mouth it is marked by the convincing lightness of black grenache. Is a wine in which the freshness-volume duality goes hand-in-hand, with a refreshing and filling sensation on the palate. These sensations cause hints of fresh fruit combined with spices and liquorice to interplay with the mouth-watering sweetness and slight tannicity that form the overall structure.